Do you need to pay for Peacock in order to watch Major League Baseball games in 2023?

Major League Baseball (MLB) fans may need to get up early on Sundays, as NBC-owned streaming service Peacock will be airing regular season games early on Sundays once again in 2023. But, will you need to pay in order to watch these broadcasts? Let’s take a look at what you need to know about MLB on Peacock broadcasts this season.

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Peacock and MLB

For the second consecutive year, Major League Baseball will be broadcasting regular season contests on both Apple TV+ and Peacock. While baseball fans did not have to pay in order to watch the Apple TV+ games, that was not the case for Peacock. In order to watch games broadcast on the platform, a subscription to one of Peacock’s tiers was required.

Much like last year, this will indeed be the case in 2023. In order to watch any 2023 MLB telecast on Peacock in the United States, a subscription to the platform is required. Individuals can choose to purchase either the Premium ($4.99/month) or Plus ($9.99/month) package in order to watch the live broadcasts. The latter comes with ad-free viewing, select titles available offline, and the ability to watch the local NBC affiliate 24/7.

This won’t be the only platform where a subscription will be required to watch exclusive regular season games, as Apple is now requiring a $7.99 monthly subscription fee in order to view live Friday Night Baseball games.

As of this writing, it appears that at least one game every Sunday is scheduled to air on Peacock from late April through Labor Day. This schedule lines up with the 2022 Peacock MLB schedule, as the last game aired on the streaming service right before the beginning of the National Football League schedule.