Every Apple TV+ MLB game in 2023 – Full list

For the second consecutive year, Major League Baseball (MLB) will broadcast select regular season games on the Apple TV+ streaming platform in 2023. So, which games are slated to be shown on Apple TV+ this upcoming season? Let’s take a look at how the schedule is set to play out.

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Apple TV+ MLB schedule in 2023

MLB will feature two regular season games every Friday on Apple TV+. Here’s a look at the schedule as of March 30:

DateGameTime (ET)
April 7Rangers vs. Cubs2:20 PM
April 7Padres vs. Braves7:20 PM
April 14Giants vs. Tigers6:40 PM
April 14Angels vs. Red Sox7:10 PM
April 21Blue Jays vs. Yankees7:05 PM
April 21Astros vs. Braves7:20 PM
April 28Phillies vs. Astros8:10 PM
April 28Cardinals vs. Dodgers10:10 PM
May 5White Sox vs. Reds6:40 PM
May 5Twins vs. Guardians7:10 PM
May 12Cubs vs. Twins8:10 PM
May 12Royals vs. Brewers8:10 PM
May 19Orioles vs. Blue Jays7:07 PM
May 19Mariners vs. Braves7:20 PM
May 26White Sox vs. Tigers6:40 PM
May 26Padres vs. Yankees7:05 PM
June 2Brewers vs. Reds5:10 PM
June 2Guardians vs. Twins8:10 PM
June 9Royals vs. Orioles7:05 PM
June 9Mariners vs. Angels9:38 PM
June 16Pirates vs. Brewers8:10 PM
June 16White Sox vs. Mariners10:10 PM
June 23Pirates vs. Marlins6:40 PM
June 23Mets vs. Phillies7:05 PM
June 30Brewers vs. Pirates7:05 PM
June 30Diamondbacks vs. Angels9:38 PM
July 7Braves vs. Rays6:40 PM
July 7Orioles vs. Twins8:10 PM
July 14Giants vs. Pirates7:05 PM
July 14Dodgers vs. Mets7:10 PM
July 21Cardinals vs. Cubs2:20 PM
July 21Padres vs. Tigers6:40 PM
July 28Angels vs. Blue Jays7:07 PM
July 28Guardians vs. White Sox7:10 PM
August 4Rays vs. Tigers6:40 PM
August 4Astros vs. Yankees7:05 PM
August 11Cubs vs. Blue Jays7:07 PM
August 11Rangers vs. Giants10:15 PM
August 18Blue Jays vs. Reds6:40 PM
August 18Red Sox vs. Yankees7:05 PM
August 25Dodgers vs. Red Sox7:10 PM
August 25Royals vs. Mariners10:10 PM
September 1Mariners vs. Mets7:10 PM
September 1Rays vs. Guardians7:10 PM
September 8Cardinals vs. Reds6:40 PM
September 8Padres vs. Astros8:10 PM
September 15Rays vs. Orioles7:05 PM
September 15Phillies vs. Cardinals8:15 PM
September 22Mets vs. Phillies7:05 PM
September 22Giants vs. Dodgers10:10 PM

The last week of Apple TV+ will feature a pair of divisional matchups. The Mets and Phillies will face off at Citizens Bank Park for the second time on Apple TV+ on September 22. That game will be followed by the Giants and Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.

Keep in mind that no MLB games are scheduled to air on Apple TV+ during the final weekend of the regular season.

We need to note that all live Apple TV+ Friday night games will be exclusively available on the app. And, baseball fans won’t be able to watch the games on the app for free this year.

This schedule is subject to change.

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