How many MLB pitchers have at least 300 career wins?

Baseball Hall of Famer Greg Maddux

There haven’t been many pitchers in MLB history that have reached the 300 win plateau. The marker is one of the more illustrious milestones that can be hit, but one that’s become harder to harder to hit thanks to changes to the game. But, how many pitchers have won 300 wins in their careers? Let’s take a look.

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MLB Pitchers With At Least 300 Wins

Twenty-four pitchers have won at least 300 games in their Major League career. Here’s a look at the full list:

Cy Young won 511 games in his career, by far the most in MLB history, The second-most is 417, a number achieved by legendary hurler Walter Johnson.

The most recent name to be added to this list was LHP Randy Johnson. The “Big Unit” won his 300th career game with the Giants in 2009.

Traditionally, pitchers who win at least 300 games are considered obvious candidates for the Baseball Hall of Fame. However, this list may not grow at all in the near future.

Thanks to the institution of hard pitch limits and the liberal use of relievers in today’s game, it’s hard to envision pitchers come close to 300. As of 2023, the active pitcher that’s closest to the marker is Justin Verlander. The 40-year-old Verlander sat at 246 as of 5/27/2023.

Note: Only regular season numbers are included in this list.

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