MLB The Show 23: How Captains work in Diamond Dynasty and how to equip one

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Thanks to the development team, Diamond Dynasty players in MLB The Show 23 can now set Captains for their team. It’s a concept that new and returning players will need to understand well, as it can help boost the ratings of your team in a major way. If you need help understanding how Captains work, we can help with that. Here’s a look at how Captains function in Diamond Dynasty.

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A Look at Captains

MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty includes a number of different types of hitting and pitching Captains. Per the MLB The Show 23 handbook, Captains in Diamond Dynasty can boost itself, as well as other cards that fit the criteria boost. As far as what the criteria is for activating boost, it depends on the Captain.

Some Captains need players from a specific team. For example, Adley Rutschman’s Team Affinity 1 Captain card requires Orioles players in order to activate any of its three Tier boosts. Others, on the other hand, may require players from a specific Series, like All-Star, Breakout, etc.

Keep in mind that when a Captain is active, every card that helps the Captain activate its criteria receive boost. Going back to the Rutschman example, his 92 OVR card and all other Orioles receive the Tier boost that fits within the specific tier.

Usually, each Captain has three Tiers. Should a Captain meet the Tier 3 requirements, all three Tier boosts will be active.

How to Equip a Captain

It’s actually quite simple to equip a Captain. At the lineup screen in Diamond Dynasty, move the left stick to the left. This will move players towards the Captain selection screen. You’ll be able to scroll through all the Captains on your roster, and select one with either A (for Xbox) or X (for PlayStation). Then, choose to assign that player as the Captain.

To deactivate a Captain, follow the same steps and just select ‘Unassign as Pitching Captain.’

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