MLB The Show 23: How to complete Reds City Connect Conquest and all hidden rewards


The Reds have a new look.

Jonathan India of the Cincinnati Reds

Screenshot by New Baseball Media

The Cincinnati Reds are set to unveil a new City Connect jersey during its series against the New York Yankees, and it’s now available for use in MLB The Show 23. Diamond Dynasty players can obtain it, as well as hidden rewards by way of a new City Connect Conquest. So, what does this Conquest look like? Let’s take a look at it all, including the hidden rewards that can be found within the map.

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The Conquest

Here’s a look at the map. The map is in the shape of the “C” that looks similar to the letter on the cap of the Reds City Connect jersey.

MLB The Show 23 players will need to take over five Strongholds in this Conquest, four of which belong to teams linked to both the Reds and the City Connect jersey. And, there are five goals for this Conquest.

Here are the five goals:

  • Goal 1: Acquire 142M fans (reward is 200 Stubs)
  • Goal 2: Capture the Reds Stronghold (rewards are Reds City Connect icon and 250 XP)
  • Goal 3: Capture the Yankees Stronghold (rewards are Reds City Connect banner and 250 XP)
  • Goal 4: Capture the Cardinals and Pirates’ Strongholds (rewards are Reds City Connect bat skin and 500 XP)
  • Goal 5: Conquer all Territories on the map (rewards are Reds City Connect jersey and 1,000 XP)

Much like the Mexico City Series and Kaiju Conquests, this one does not feature any Steal requirements. Just take over the five Strongholds (yours included) and all the Territories, and you’ll be good to go.

The Hidden Rewards

Here’s a look at all the hidden rewards that can be found within the map:

  • MLB The Show 23 pack (x3)
  • Ballin’ is a Habit pack (x1)
  • Diamond Duos Pack 15 (x1)

Remember, make sure to use cards that will help you towards goals related to Team Affinity 1 & 2, and other programs. This includes the Team Affinity Henchman and Captains. On top of those cards, you should also make use of Topps Now cards to make progress in the April and May Topps Now Programs.

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