MLB The Show 23: How to complete the Kaiju Other Program Conquest and all hidden rewards

Jorge Mateo of the Baltimore Orioles

A number of new programs went live in MLB The Show 23 on May 12, including the Kaiju Program. One way to gain Star Points for that program is by way of a new Conquest, aptly entitled the Kaiju Other Program Conquest. This Conquest comes with twists, as well as hidden rewards that can be found throughout the map. So, how can you complete the Kaiju Conquest in Diamond Dynasty? Let’s take a look.

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The Conquest

Here’s a look at the map. The map is in the shape of a kaiju monster.

MLB The Show 23 players will need to take over eight Strongholds in this Conquest. And, there are five goals to be completed

Here are the five goals:

  • Goal 1: Acquire 100M fans (reward is Bat Skin and 500 XP)
  • Goals 2-4: Capture the Strongholds that are in the kaiju’s legs, tail, and horns (rewards in total are three MLB The Show 23 packs and 1,500 XP)
  • Goal 5: Conquer all Territories on the map (rewards are Diamond Duos Pack 14 and 2,000 XP)

Much like the Mexico City Series Conquest, this one does not feature any Steal requirements. Those who complete all five will receive 15 Star Points towards the Kaiju Program.

The Hidden Rewards

Here’s a look at all the hidden rewards that can be found within the map:

  • MLB The Show 23 pack (x6)
  • Diamond Duos Pack 10 (x1)
  • Diamond Duos Pack 14 (x1)

Remember, make sure to use cards that will help you towards goals related to Team Affinity 1 & 2, and other programs. This includes the Team Affinity Henchman and Captains. On top of those cards, you should also make use of Topps Now cards to make progress in the April or May Topps Now Programs.

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