MLB The Show 23: How to get PXP Points in Diamond Dynasty

For MLB The Show 23, San Diego Studios has brought back the concept of Parallel XP (PXP) Points and Parallel Upgrades. This concept might be familiar to most, sans new players. If you’re trying to figure out how to get PXP in Diamond Dynasty, let’s help with that.

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How to get PXP Points

The easiest way we can explain how to get PXP Points in MLB The Show 23 is by stating this: play the game. Users can accrue PXP Points by accumulating statistical objectives in games, like base hits, stolen bases, wins, etc.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how hitters can acquire PXP:

  • 5 PXP – Every Run Scored (R)
  • 5 PXP – Every Run Batted In (RBI)
  • 5 PXP – Every Single (1B)
  • 5 PXP – Every Stolen Base (SB)
  • 5 PXP – Every Walk (BB)
  • 10 PXP – Every Plate Appearance (PA)
  • 10 PXP – Every Double (2B)
  • 20 PXP – Every Triple (3B)
  • 20 PXP – Every Home Run (HR)

And for pitchers:

  • 10 PXP – Every Strikeout (K)
  • 10 PXP – Quality Start (6+ IP with >= 3 ER)
  • 20 PXP – Every Win (W)
  • 20 PXP – Every Hold (H)
  • 20 PXP – Every Save (SV)
  • 25 PXP – Every Complete Game (CG)
  • 25 PXP – Every Shutout
  • 40 PXP – Each IP

We should note that there is a multiplier in play for PXP Points. If you acquire PXP in single-player modes (i.e. Conquest, Play vs. CPU, Mini Seasons), one will get the points outlined above x 1.0. But for online modes (i.e. Ranked, Battle Royale, and Events), these points will be multiplied by 1.5.

We should also mention that the difficulty one players on also affects how much PXP is awarded after a game. Here’s a look at the difficulty modfifers:

  • Rookie – 1.0
  • Veteran – 1.1
  • All-Star – 1.2
  • Hall of Fame – 1.35
  • Legend – 1.5

Thus, the higher the difficulty, the more PXP will be awarded.

So, what does PXP do? Well, there are five Parallel upgrade tiers for each player card: Green (500 PXP), Orange (1,250 PXP), Purple (3,000 PXP), Red (5,000 PXP) and Superfractor (10,000 PXP). Each tier gives a +1 attribute boost, for a maximum of +5 should one Superfractor a card. Additionally, some Diamond Dynast programs include PXP Missions that require players to get points with certain cards.

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