MLB The Show 23: How to Get All Set 1 Collection Rewards in Diamond Dynasty


So many rewards.

MLB The Show 23 is now live, and so is Set 1. Set 1 kicked off when the game released on March 24, one that includes a large amount of cards and several collection rewards. So, how can you get all of these items? Let’s take a look at what you will need to do.

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How to Get All Set 1 Collection Rewards

It won’t be easy to get all the Set 1 Collection rewards in MLB The Show 23, which comes in five tiers. The first two tiers are single player items. Then, there are three Set 1 Collection Choice packs that can be obtained, as well.

Let’s start with the two single cards. Those who collect enough cards will be able to receive 99 OVR versions of Marlins infielder/outfielder Jazz Chisholm Jr., and new Phillies star Trea Turner.

Here’s a look at the two:

Jazz Chisholm Jr.

Trea Turner

Chisholm Jr. can be obtained by collecting 75 Set 1 player cards. 110 are needed for Trea Turner.

As far as the choice packs are concerned, users can obtain three of these when one hits the milestones of collecting 140. 200, and 260 cards. The three possible rewards to choose from in the packs are 99 OVR versions of Babe Ruth, Pedro Martinez, and Chipper Jones.

So, which cards fall into the purview of Set 1. Well, any card with Set 1 listed on the top-left corner of the item. Many of these cards include Ranked Season rewards like 99 OVR Future Stars Gunnar Henderson, BR rewards like 99 OVR Eddie Mathews, and virtually all of the World Baseball Classic cards that can be found in the WBC Program and WBC-themed packs.

Additionally, all Captain and Charisma Series cards are also a part of Set 1.

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