MLB The Show 23: What are Core cards in Diamond Dynasty?

Thanks to some changes made by San Diego Studios, MLB The Show 23 and Diamond Dynasty looks very different as compared to a year ago. One reason for this shift is the addition of Core cards, a key concept that both new and experienced players need to get familiar with. So, what are Core cards in MLB The Show 23? Let’s go over what you need to know.

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Core Cards in Diamond Dynasty

Simply put, Core cards are any card in Diamond Dynasty that can be used throughout the lifecycle in MLB The Show 23 without any restrictions in Ranked or single-player modes.

New to MLB The Show 23 and Diamond Dynasty are Sets, which are essentially a part of the new Seasons feature. Each Season will feature a new Set of players, and every new season will bring new requirements that will affect which players are eligible in ranked online play and select single-player modes like Conquests.

Core cards, on the other hand, don’t come with these restrictions. Now, one will know what is or isn’t a Core card by looking at the top-left part of a card. If it states ‘Set 1’ or ‘Set 2,’ it’s not a Core Card. But if it explicitly states ‘Core,’ than it is a Core card.

As far as which cards are Core cards in Diamond Dynasty, all Live Series and virtually all cards that are less than 90 OVR are considered as such. There are, however, some 90+ OVR cards that are Core. Examples include the cards obtained in the Negro Leagues Storylines, the Live Series Collection rewards, and certain cards obtained in the Nation of Baseball Conquest.

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