MLB: Who Had the Highest and Lowest Whiff% in September 2019?

Whiff% rates have been talked about more and more since the birth of Statcast. Today we’ll go over which players had the highest Whiff% rates, and which players made the most amount of contact during the final month of last season.


Highest and Lowest Whiff% in September 2019

One of our missions when we launched back in October was that we wanted to make analytics more accessible to fans of the game. Sure, the data that’s collected by MLB and MLB Advanced Media is publicly available, and can be found on Baseball Savant. But we want to make things easier for fans, and want to make sure that you can see which players are trending up and down much easier.

This is will be just the first article of this kind on our site, so expect more of these once the MLB season begins in late March. With that said, let’s go over which players had the highest Whiff% rates during the final month of 2019.


Top 10 Highest Whiff% Rates in September

In case you’re not sure how Whiff% rate is calculated, here’s how we calculate it:

(# of times fails to make contact when swinging (i.e. swinging strike, missed bunt, foul tip, etc.)/(Total # of swings)*

NOTE: In order to qualify for our list, a player must have made at least 100 swing/bunt attempts

# Team Player Whiff%
1 Royals Adalberto Mondesi 46.8%
2 Tigers Ronny Rodriguez 45.7%
3 Yankees Aaron Judge 44.5%
4 Twins Miguel Sano 44.3%
5 Red Sox Marco Hernandez 43.3%
6 Angels Kole Calhoun 41.9%
7 Reds Aristides Aquino 40.4%
8 Mariners Kyle Lewis 39.0%
9 White Sox Daniel Palka 37.6%
10 Brewers Eric Thames 36.1%



Top 10 Lowest Whiff% Rates in September

# Team Player Whiff%
1 Twins Luis Arraez 4.6%
2 Astros Michael Brantley 9.2%
3 Angels David Fletcher 9.4%
4 Angels Andrelton Simmons 9.9%
5 Nationals Anthony Rendon 11.8%
6 Cubs Ben Zobrist 12.1%
7 Pirates Kevin Newman 12.1%
8 Rays Austin Meadows 12.1%
9 Diamondbacks Wilmer Flores 12.4%
10 Nationals Howie Kendrick 12.6%



*-We quantify Whiff% a bit differently than Baseball Savant. We take bunts into account when calculating Whiff%

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