Some Thoughts on the Latest 2020 MLB Draft Proposal

It appears that we are finally getting some clarity on the 2020 MLB Draft, as it will reportedly take place in a modified format later this year. However, is there a better solution to this problem? Possibly, but let’s first take a look at the reported solution.

Reported 2020 MLB Draft Format

According to ESPN, MLB is hashing out a plan that will see the MLB Draft take place in July, a month later than originally scheduled. In addition, this year’s Draft will also see a significant reduction in the number of rounds that will take place. Rather than the 40 round MLB Drafts we have become accustomed to since 2013, this year’s event will reportedly be between five to ten rounds. Also, players will reportedly receive bonus deferrals and smaller amounts of up-front signing bonus money.


As of right now, these are just proposals, but it’s interesting to hear about the reduction of rounds. Teams have wanted to cut down the number of rounds in the MLB Draft for a bit of time now. And considering the league and its teams also wanted to reduce the number of minor league affiliates, this move actually helps move that plan forward. With fewer drafted players, teams will have a clearer path to chop off the lower-level affiliates (should they still want to do so in 2021), and organizations won’t have to cut as many players in order to do so.

But another interesting tidbit from this news is the July draft date. If MLB wants to delay the draft until the summer, why not just move it to August? As our editor-in-chief Chris Studley noted last week, pushing the MLB Draft would not only give teams more time to look at eligible players, since they would most likely be participating in summer leagues, but it would also give teams more times to sort out the financials.


Lastly, I should mention the players. If the 2020 MLB Draft does indeed see a reduction in rounds, a lot of deserving players will not be able to hear their name called. It’s going to sting quite a bit, I’m sure, and I am also sure that the colleges would happily welcome collegiate juniors and seniors that aren’t selected, as well as the high school players that were not selected. Nevertheless, it is important to note that those players missed out on quite a lot this year (valuable showcase time, longlasting memories, etc.), and it may not stop there.

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