Best hitting settings in MLB The Show 23

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With MLB The Show 23 now out, it’s time to consider what settings one should use for hitting. The settings can affect a number of different aspects related to hitting, including the view and what inputs to use. So, what settings do we recommend? Let’s take a look at our recommendations.

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Hitting Interface

Always go with Zone in MLB The Show 23. While there are multiple interfaces (Timing, Directional, and Zone), Zone offers one the best chance of making precise and consistent contact.

Directional hitting is simple, but offers little in the way in terms of swing control. Rather, it’s primarily a timing mechanism that involves the left stick and merely requires the player to turn the left stick to where one thinks the ball will arrive. Timing, on the other hand, is the simplest yet worst of the three.

Zone, meanwhile, allows players to have a visual interface that allows the user to move the Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI) towards the ball via the left stick. It’s much easier to use than you think.


  • PCI: On
  • PCI Center: Varies
  • PCI Color: Any color that doesn’t blend in with backgrounds
  • PCI Transparency: Not too low, not too high

A couple of notes on the PCI. MLB The Show 23’s PCI Center options now includes the ability to have a Bat as the PCI. The dots (or diamonds) will be placed on the sweet spot of the bat, marking where exactly one wants to move the PCI in order to square up the ball. Here’s what it looks like in game:

Aside from that, make sure to pick a color that doesn’t blend in to the background for the PCI color. Blue and green could be problems, as can black.


The camera view in MLB The Show 23 is extremely important. This is because in order to hit the ball and square it up, you’ll need to see it.

We recommend using either Strike Zone or Strike Zone 2. Strike Zone gives the closest view of the pitcher and release point, but doesn’t give a fantastic view of the bottom half of the plate. Strike Zone 2 does give a better view of the whole zone, but is not as close to the pitcher.

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