MLB The Show 23: Which pitching interface should you use?


A tough decision.

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Thanks to the folks over at San Diego Studios, MLB The Show 23 players have a number of options when it comes to pitching interfaces. These interfaces affect the inputs that need to be used in order to throw a pitch to an opposing hitter. But, not all pitching interfaces are created equal. So, which one should you choose? Let’s go over our recommendations.

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Best pitching interface in MLB The Show 23

Before we get into our preference, let’s go over the choice that users have in MLB The Show 23, as far as interfaces are concerned:

  • Classic
  • Meter
  • Pulse
  • Pure Analog (or Analog)
  • Pinpoint

Classic is the most basic of the bunch. Simply select the location and a pitch with a button, and the game will take care of everything from there. However, players have the least amount of control regarding how effective the pitch is and how accurate it will be.

Meter and Pulse are virtually in the middle, in terms of difficulty and accuracy. Meter is easier to work with, and is probably the most familiar to those who regularly play baseball games. But with both, there’s a lot of variation between how effective a pitch will be in the game.

That leaves us down to two that are the best to use: Analog and Pinpoint. Both require use of the right stick, but both have become the go-to interfaces for the committed MLB The Show players. Yet, these two also have the steepest learning curves.

Pinpoint is the newest pitching interface in MLB The Show, as it was added in MLB The Show 21. Traditionally, it’s been the most effective in terms of commanding pitches. So long as one moves the right stick in a fluid, accurate motion, the pitch will go right where it needs to. MLB The Show 23, though, has not been particularly kind towards Pinpoint. Several players on social media — and we can confirm this in our own experience — have noticed that Perfect Pinpoint pitches have been quite erratic when it comes to location.

Despite this, we still prefer Pinpoint over the other options. Granted, it will take time to master. But, the rewards do outweigh the negatives.

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