All Charisma Series Team Affinity Bosses in MLB The Show 23

It looks like there will be several Team Affinity series to kick off MLB The Show 23. In addition to the Captain Series, San Diego Studios will be dropping 30 high-diamonds through the Charisma Series. So, which MLB stars will be a part of the Charisma Series in Diamond Dynasty? Let’s go over what we know.

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All Charisma Series TA Bosses

Here’s a look at the Team Affinity Bosses for the Charisma Series. Thirty bosses will be released for this series in MLB The Show 23, one for each team.

AL East

AL Central

AL West

NL East

NL Central

NL West

Each of the 30 cards are slated to be 97 OVR cards. And, all cards from this Team Affinity will be a part of Set 1 in MLB The Show. These can be obtained through the Season 1 Team Affinity path.

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