MLB The Show 23: The 5 Tips That You Should Know for Battle Royale

Amed Rosario in MLB The Show 23

Much like in previous years, MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty includes the mode called Battle Royale (BR). At the cost of 1,500 Stubs, players can draft a team of 26 players and attempt to go 12-0 for Diamond player rewards and a Flawless reward pack. If you’re looking for tips on how to build a roster in BR, we can help. Here’s a look at five tips that you should know for Battle Royale in MLB The Show 23.

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1. Don’t take a Diamond pitcher, unless…

Realistically, you should focus on using each of the Diamond rounds on hitters. This is because having the right group of batters will give you enough power and hitting ability to win games. However, there are a few reasons why taking a Diamond pitcher isn’t the worst idea.

For example, you simply might be given a round of all pitchers and have no other option. This is extremely rare, but not out of the question. Or, you may need one in order to complete a Mission.

2. Be aware of Missions

Throughout each Battle Royale Program, there will be a series of player-based Missions that can be completed with Silver, Gold, and Diamond cards that are a part and can be obtained within the program. This does not include the Flawless rewards, but rather the cards in the Choice Packs. For hitters and pitchers, 500 PXP is needed to complete these Missions.

For those concerned about time management, make sure to use these cards regularly in Battle Royale. The reason is because if you hit the required amount of PXP, you’ll get Star Points towards the Battle Royale Program. Keep in mind, though, that PXP obtained with these cards in non-BR gameplay will not count.

3. Take reliable relievers

It’s wise to focus on taking relievers in Diamond Dynasty, and fill the rotation up with low Bronze and Common cards. This is because relievers generally take less time between games to re-gain stamina, unless one gets used an obscene amount.

Our recommendations for the bullpen are simple. Take pitchers with that you can work the lower half of the zone with, so hurlers with sinkers, sliders, and changeups are good options. Relievers hit high H/9 do help as well, as those make it harder for the opposition to make contact. And, have at least two reliable left-handers if possible.

4. Target hitters with pop

Make sure to grab hitters with power and vision, as those will be the key towards getting runs and winning games. However, the new hitting engine does make it more viable to have at least one contact-orientated hitter (ex. Luis Arraez) to poke balls into the outfield.

5. Construct your lineup well

Our last tip is to make sure you have a healthy mix of left and right-handers. Ideally, you want to alternate between lefties and righties to make it harder for the opposition to plan around your lineup. If you have, for example, three left-handed hitters in a row, that can be a problem.

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