MLB The Show 23: The 10 Tips You Need to Know for Diamond Dynasty


Let’s get you on the right path.

Julio Rodriguez in MLB The Show 23

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With MLB The Show 23 now out worldwide, it means a new year of grinding in Diamond Dynasty. If you’re looking to get the squad off to the right start but don’t know where to begin, we can help with that. Here are ten tips that you should know for Diamond Dynasty in The Show.

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1. Start with the Negro League Storylines

Before you do anything in MLB The Show 23, we highly recommend starting off with Negro League Storyline Moments. There are eight legendary players from the Negro Leagues, and if you can complete each of the eight chapters, you’ll receive a slew of packs and 90 OVR cards of each of the spotlighted players. Not to mention, there’s a 95 OVR Captain card of Buck O’Neil that awaits all who do finish each and every episode.

It might not sound like much, but all the Negro League Diamond Dynasty cards are Core cards. And, the Captain boosts when active will make each card much better than the stats listed on the card. If you’re looking to get the Diamond Dynasty team to a hot start, do the Storylines.

2. Don’t spend real money

Every year, it feels like we need to have this conversation. Simply put, don’t spend money on Stubs — the virtual currency of MLB The Show 23 and Diamond Dynasty. Besides the fact it can put in a hole in your wallet, there’s simply no reason to do so.

San Diego Studios give users a plethora of opportunities to acquire Stubs, whether it be through Missions, Programs, etc.

3. Grind in Conquest and Mini Seasons

Storylines isn’t the only single-player mode that MLB The Show 23 players should pay attention to in Diamond Dynasty. Conquest and Mini Seasons give users the opportunity to make progress towards Missions and Season & Team Affinity Programs.

Conquest maps also have hidden rewards strewn around each map, so keep out on the lookout for those.

4. Practice, practice, practice

If you’re looking to move up the leaderboards in Ranked Seasons, or just trying to play well in online play, make sure to practice. This includes mastering all elements of pitching, the new button accuracy throw meter, and hitting as a whole.

So, how do we recommend practicing? For one, Custom Practice is a good place to start. But, just make sure to jump into swinging at All-Star difficulty or higher. Most of the online games you’ll play will be at either All-Star of Hall of Fame. Alternatively, Conquest and Mini Seasons are also good options.

5. Ranked co-op is not a bad option

While it might not be ideal for some, Ranked co-op in MLB The Show 23 can be quite helpful to completing the new Ranked Programs in Diamond Dynasty. That’s because there are special co-op Missions that can be completed for Star Points and progress in the Program.

Especially if you’re new to Diamond Dynasty, playing co-op can help players learn more about the engine and get a free 99 OVR along the way.

6. Go slow with Collections

In MLB The Show 23, there are three 99 OVR Core cards — Sammy Sosa (NL), Mark McGwire (AL), and Derek Jeter (MLB) — that can be obtained by acquiring all the Live Series cards for the 30 teams in Major League Baseball. Each of these three cards will be highly valuable, but go slow with these.

With more 97, 98, and 99 OVR cards in the game at launch and the early phases of the lifecycle, focus on getting the cheap ones first and then build the Stub count. Then, target team collections that don’t cost a lot to complete.

7. Work the Programs

We’ve touched on Programs a bit here, but let’s go into this concept in more detail. Each Program — whether it be a Season one or an Other Program — has a reward path that yields cards, packs, or XP. While the way to make progress for each can vary, make sure to be diligent on the Programs.

If you’re looking for a place to start, take a look at the World Baseball Classic Program. It’ll will not only give you an idea as to how Programs work as a whole, but you can also get some sweet rewards along the way.

8. Make sure to get Battle Royale and Events games in

If you need help getting done any Collections, Battle Royale and Events games are also another way to get rewards. Battle Royale, in particular, has a Program that works similarly to the Ranked ones. When you make enough progress, you will be able to receive a “Flawless” Program Choice Pack that features several 99 OVR cards to pick from.

This is another way that you can build up that Diamond Dynasty team.

9. A word about Sets

New to MLB The Show 23 is Sets. Sets will be introduced with each Season in Diamond Dynasty, and a new Season usually arrives every six weeks. Most 90+ OVR cards are part of Sets, and thus, will not longer be able to be used after twelve weeks.

You will be able to lock in one card that’s not eligible through the Wild Card, but that’s it. This will put much more importance on any Core card you can get your hands on.

10. Move at your own pace

Our last tip is simple — take it slowly. There’s a lot to digest in Diamond Dynasty, so take things one step at a time. One day, focus on Moments. Another day, play Conquest and Mini Seasons. It’s a lot, but building a good team on the cheap is far from insurmountable.

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