Which countries have hosted MLB regular season games?

Even though Major League Baseball contests most of its year schedule in the United States of America, the league has branched over the years to expand the sport’s popularity and held games outside of North America. But, which countries have hosted MLB games in the league’s history? Here’s a look.

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MLB Games Held Around the World

There have been eight countries in the history of MLB that have hosted regular-season MLB games.

Obviously, MLB games have been contested in the United States and Canada. That doesn’t need to be stated, as 29 of the 30 Major League teams are stationed in the U.S., while the lone non-U.S. team (Blue Jays) plays its home games in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Toronto Blue Jays became the only Canadian-based team in Major League Baseball when the Montreal Expos left Quebec in 2004 and moved to Washington D.C.

Aside from the United States and Canada, here’s a look at the other countries that either have or will host regular-season MLB games in the near future:

  • Australia
  • England (Part of the United Kingdom)
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico (Commonwealth of United States)
  • South Korea* (Will host first regular season games in 2024)

Note that this list only includes regular-season games and not preseason affairs. For example, Cuba is not included here, despite the fact that the island hosted preseason games in 1999 and 2016.

MLB has held numerous regular season games in Japan, most recently in 2019 when the Athletics and Mariners kicked off the regular season in Tokyo. Nearby South Korea, meanwhile, will host regular season action to begin the 2024 season.

Australia hosted its first regular-season MLB game in 2014, when the Diamondbacks and Dodgers kicked off the year in Sydney. Mexico and England, meanwhile, have hosted a number of games and will again in 2023.

Puerto Rico became the de facto second home of the Expos from 2003-04 when the team was in its final years before the move to the United States. The island most recently hosted games in 2018.

Lastly, France was reportedly set to host regular-season games in the 2025 season. However, the league could not find a promoter for the planned games and opted to squelch that idea.