How to slide step in MLB The Show 23


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Much like in the real world of Major League Baseball, MLB The Show 23 pitchers can switch to a slide step when on the mound. The slide step is a shortened pitching delivery, with an obvious intent. So, how can you take advantage of the slide step in MLB The Show 23? Let’s go over what you need to know about performing this move on the bump.

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How to do a slide step in MLB The Show 23

Pitchers in MLB The Show 23 can switch to the slide step by simply pressing LT (for Xbox) or LT (for PlayStation) while beginning the delivery. This will switch the pitcher to the slide step animation.

After that, all that needs to be done is to either press A/X to start the motion for those on Meter, or use the sticks for players that are working with either Analog or Pinpoint.

The slide step in MLB The Show 23 can be a helpful tactic that can help with preventing runners from stealing bases. Because the slide step involves an abbreviated pitching delivery, that means less time between the start of the motion to when the ball hits the catcher’s glove. If you’re trying to keep a speedy runner from attempting to steal, a slide step can be effective in doing just that.

However, there is a downfall to doing a slide step in MLB The Show 23. Because the delivery becomes shortened, this means you’ll have to adjust how quickly one has to work the Meter or the sticks. This can result in making it harder to command the ball to a particular part of the strike zone. Thus, be very careful when attempting to slide step.

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