Is MLB The Show 23 coming to PC?

Over the past few years, MLB and Sony have released MLB The Show games on both Xbox and Nintendo platforms. The past two years have marked the first occasions in which the Sony-developed franchise has been made available on non-PlayStation platforms. However, one platform still has yet to receive a version of The Show: PC. Will MLB The Show 23 be available on PC this year? We have an answer.

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MLB The Show 23 and PC

Unfortunately, baseball fans should not expect MLB The Show 23 be available for PC. In late January, San Diego Studios announced console and release date information for MLB The Show 23. The Show 23 will be released on March 28, with those who purchase the Deluxe Edition receiving four days of early access that begins in March 24.

Additionally, it was confirmed that MLB The Show 23 will be made available for both old and current-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as the Nintendo Switch. This launch marks the third time that The Show will be available on Xbox platforms, and the second on the Switch.

However, no PC edition of title will be made available. This shouldn’t come as much of a shock, given that some sports game developers have opted to invest less resources into PC versions of titles. On top of that, the tricky issue of mods and anti-cheat barriers have complicated online competitive gaming on computers.

There are, however, some alternatives for those who don’t own a Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox console. Baseball fans could opt for a game like Super Mega Baseball 3, a game with unique graphics, but solid gameplay and a plethora of customization options. Or, sabermetric-savvy fans could opt for Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP) 24. OOTP 24 will be released in late March 2023.

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