MLB The Show 23: How to complete All-Star Week Other Program Conquest and all hidden rewards

Joey Votto in MLB The Show 23

San Diego Studio dropped the MLB The Show 23 All-Star Week Program in Diamond Dynasty on July 12. There are a number of ways to make progress in the Program, and one of those is a Conquest. MLB The Show players can complete a special Conquest to obtain 20 Star Points and hidden rewards. Here’s a look at the Conquest.

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The Conquest

Here’s a look at the map. The map is in the shape of a star.

MLB The Show 23 players will need to take over eight Strongholds — one of which is your own —in this Conquest. And, there are four goals for this Conquest.

Here are the four goals:

  • Goal 1: Acquire 75M fans (rewards are MLB The Show 23 pack, 250 Stubs, and 250 XP)
  • Goal 2: Capture any three Enemy Strongholds (rewards are Ballin’ is a Habit pack and 500 XP)
  • Goal 3: Capture the Mariners Stronghold (rewards are Diamond Duos Pack 24 and 750 XP)
  • Goal 4: Conquer all Territories on the map (rewards are Diamond Duos Choice Pack 26 and 1,500 XP)

Much like the Father’s Day Conquest, this one does not feature any Steal requirements. Just take over the seven other Strongholds and all the Territories, and you’ll be good to go. Those who complete this Conquest will receive 20 Points towards the All-Star Week Program.

The Hidden Rewards

Here’s a look at all the hidden rewards that can be found within the map:

  • MLB The Show 23 pack (x3)
  • Diamond Duos Pack 14 (x1)
  • Diamond Duos Pack 18 (x1)
  • Diamond Duos Pack 25 (x1)

Remember, make sure to use cards that will help you towards goals related to Team Affinity 2 & 3, like the Team Affinity Henchman and Captains. On top of those cards, you should also make use of Topps Now cards to make progress in the May and June Topps Now Programs.