MLB The Show 23: How to complete the “Legendary Swing” and “Legendary Save” Mystery Missions in Mini Seasons Extreme

Joc Pederson in MLB The Show 23

The MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program with a new Mini Seasons mode, in Mini Seasons Extreme. These games will be harder than traditional Mini Seasons games, but also yield better rewards. And, there are two new Mystery Missions: Legendary Save and Legendary Swing that can be completed. Here’s the requirements for each.

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MLB The Show 23 Mini Seasons Extreme Mystery Mission Answers

Let’s start with the “Legendary Swing” Mystery Mission. In order to complete the Legendary Mystery Mission, MLB The Show 23 players must get three home runs on Legend difficulty. It doesn’t matter how many games it takes, in order to get this done in a season.

This Mission does look and sound hard, but we do recommend that Diamond Dynasty players download a stadium with max elevation from the Stadium Creator, or at the very least, play at Coors Field for home games.

For those who have access to the Stadium Creator, we recommend downloading the Costco Headquarters Park.

The second Mystery Mission is “Legendary Save.” To complete this Mission, get a save on Legend difficulty.

Rewards for the Mini Seasons Extreme Mystery Missions can only be obtained once. Those who complete “Legendary Save” get a random Diamond Duos pack, while the “Legendary Swing” yields an Alter-Ego Choice Pack.

These missions do not expire. And remember, those who play and win games in Mini Seasons Extreme can get vouchers to use towards the Extreme Program.

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