MLB The Show 23: How to complete the “On an All-Star run” Righty Tighty Mini Seasons Mystery Mission

Nolan Arenado in MLB The Show 23

San Diego Studio dropped a new Mini Seasons in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty called Righty Tighty. As the name suggests, users must assemble a team full of righties and win games. Additionally, the MLB The Show 23 added a new Mystery Mission called “On an All-Star run.” Here’s how MLB The Show players can get this Mystery Mission done.

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How to complete On an All-Star run Mystery Mission

In order to complete the “On an All-Star run” Mystery Mission in the Righty Tighty Mini Seasons, one must tally 20 runs driven in with either 2023 All-Star Series cards or All-Star Game cards.

Difficulty does not matter for this challenge. All one needs to do is stack a lineup filled with All-Star Game or 2023 All-Star Series cards and drive in runs with those items.

Now, how can one get All-Star Game or 2023 All-Star Series cards? Well, the 30 Team Affinity 3 bosses that are obtainable in the six division reward paths are all All-Star Game cards. So, make sure to take some of the right-handed bats, like Mitch Haniger, Trea Turner, and Jonathan Schoop, from the Choice Packs in order to make progress.

Additionally, some of the 2023 All-Star Series cards in the All-Star Program are right-handed hitters. Outfielders Austin Hays and Jorge Soler fit the requirements.

Those who complete this Mission will receive a random Diamond Duos pack. This will expire on November 3, 2023 at 12 PM PT.

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