MLB The Show 23 The Great Egg Hunt – All rewards, hints and how to complete each, and more


An egg hunt in Diamond Dynasty?

With Easter right around the corner, the MLB The Show 23 team has hidden some eggs across Diamond Dynasty. The Great Egg Hunt program in MLB The Show 23 is now live, giving players a chance to get five 90+ OVR cards and two new 97 OVR cards. But, you’ll have to keep your eye out for eggs in MLB The Show.

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The Great Egg Hunt Rewards

Much like with other programs, this one features a reward path that includes packs, Profile Icons, and cards. Here’s a look at the reward path:

  • 10 Star Points – 95 OVR Signature Catfish Hunter
  • 20 Star Points – Universal Profile Icon and 1,500 XP
  • 30 Star Points – 96 OVR 2nd Half Alex Bregman
  • 40 Star Points – MLB The Show 23 pack (x5) and 1.500 XP
  • 50 Star Points – 95 OVR 2021 All-Star Gregory Soto
  • 60 Star Points – Ballin’ is a Habit pack (x3) and 1,500 XP
  • 70 Star Points – 97 OVR Charisma George Springer
  • 80 Star Points – 97 OVR Charisma Reggie Jackson and 1,500 XP
  • 90 Star Points – Universal Profile Icon and 3,000 XP

Here’s a look at the five reward cards:

Catfish Hunter

Alex Bregman

Gregory Soto

George Springer

Reggie Jackson

The Great Egg Hunt Hints

In order to make progress in The Great Egg Hunt, you must collect Eggs that are hidden throughout the game’s various mode. Complete an objective, and you will receive the Egg. Once you do, go to ‘Other Programs’ and then select ‘The Great Egg Hunt.’ Go to ‘Collections’ and then redeem it.

Here are the nine hints for the The Great Egg Hunt:

  • There are nine hidden eggs at this very moment. – Complete five Great Egg Hunt Moments in ‘Moments’ folder at Main Menu
  • What do you call an egg that travels around the world? An egg-splorer! – Involves defeating teams in Mini Seasons, three different ones should do it
  • This is your chance to become the Conqueror of Eggs! – Play a Conquest game
  • The Golden Egg is flawless! – Hit a Home Run in a Battle Royale game
  • Why did the egg refuse to fight? It didn’t want to crack under pressure! – Play a Ranked Seasons game
  • When going for a stroll, avoid walking on eggshells! – Draw five walks
  • Is there a way to decorate cards like there is for eggs? – Tally 1,000 PXP with a card from this program
  • What came first? The bird or the egg? – Defeat the Orioles, Blue Jays, or Cardinals in a Play vs. CPU game
  • Egg hunts are quite eventful! – Play an Events game

Each Collection completed will yield 10 Star Points towards the program. We will update this guide to reflect uncovered hints.

While this program will not expire, each of the nine rewards are part of Set 1.

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