How to complete the “Two Wheelin” Team Affinity 1 Mystery Mission in MLB The Show 23

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As you might have noticed in MLB The Show 23 and Diamond Dynasty, Mystery Missions have received a significant upgrade. For The Show 23, San Diego Studio has kept the classic Mini Seasons format, but have also introduced Set-based and Team Affinity Mini Seasons. The latter, in particular, will help with the Henchman and Captain PXP Missions and obtaining vouchers that can be used towards the Team Affinity. The Team Affinity 1 Mini Season includes a special Mystery Mission, and here’s what you will need to do in order to complete the “Two Wheelin'” one.

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Two Wheelin’ Mystery Mission in MLB The Show 23

The phrase “Two Wheelin'” indicates that the goal for this Mission has something to do with flashing speed on the base paths. That’s exactly the case with this Mystery Mission in MLB The Show 23.

The requirement for this Mystery Mission is to steal two bases in a single game. For those who have extremely fast players like Trea Turner, Jose Siri, or Tim LoCastro, among others, all you will need to do is try to get a good jump on first or second, and then take off with LT (for Xbox) or L2 (for PlayStation) when the pitcher begins to wind up.

If you’re struggling to steal bases in Mini Seasons, a good recommendation is to turn the difficulty down by one or two to make it easier to steal. From All-Star difficulty and up, the AI loves to liberally attempt pick off moves in order to check the runners.

We should note that Team Affinity 1 and the accompanying Missions do not expire in MLB The Show 23. Thus, there’s no rush on it — unless you want to quickly unlock the 99 OVR cards that are the Set 1 collection rewards.

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