Which MLB hitters have the highest & lowest chase rates in 2023?

Amed Rosario of the Cleveland Guardians

Thanks to Statcast data tracking, we now have a number of new ways to analyze and critique Major League Baseball players. One stat that MLB fans might be interested in is chase rate, which indicates how much a hitter tends to swing at a pitch out of the zone. For those who are interested in just that, here’s a look at the MLB hitters with the highest and lowest chase rates from the 2023 season.

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The highest MLB chase rates in 2023

Let’s start off with the ten highest chase rates in MLB in 2023 among qualified hitters:

Salvador PerezRoyals47.0%
Javier BaezTigers44.0%
Eddie RosarioBraves43.5%
Ezequiel TovarRockies42.0%
Nick CastellanosPhillies41.0%
Luis Robert Jr.White Sox40.5%
Andres GimenezGuardians40.0%
Amed RosarioGuardians/Dodgers39.4%
Jake BurgerWhite Sox/Marlins38.5%
Michael Harris IIBraves38.1%

Some of the names that fans would expect to be here are in fact on this list. Well-known chaser Javier Baez posted the second-highest Chase% rate in 2023, behind Royals catcher Salvador Perez. Outfielder Eddie Rosario, who recorded a nice bounce-back season with the Braves in 2023, rounded out the top three.

Out of the ten players with the highest MLB chase rates in 2023, five — Perez, Rosario, Nick Castellanos, Luis Robert Jr., and Jake Burger — had at least 20 home runs on the season.

The lowest MLB chase rates in 2023

Now, here’s a look at the ten players with the lowest Chase% rates in 2023:

Juan SotoPadres16.6%
Mookie BettsDodgers16.6%
Lars NootbaarCardinals17.1%
LaMonte Wade Jr.Giants17.9%
Jack SuwinskiPirates18.2%
Alex BregmanAstros18.6%
J.P. CrawfordMariners18.6%
Matt ChapmanBlue Jays18.9%
Jonathan IndiaReds19.6%
Yandy DiazRays19.7%

Out of all the players that qualified for this list, Juan Soto and Mookie Betts own the lowest chase rates in MLB this season at 16.6%. Given Soto’s penchant for walks — he had a league-high 132 base on balls on the year — and Betts’ dominance at the plate, it’s not a shock to see both on this list.

There are a few other notable names among the players with the lowest MLB chase rates in 2023. Yandy Diaz, who’s in the top ten in the Majors in on-base percentage alongside Soto and Betts, also made the cut. J.P. Crawford and Alex Bregman, two of the top ten in the Majors this season in total walks, are also here.

All stats as of October 2, 2023. Only regular season stats have been taken into account.