How many MLB hitters have at least 3,000 hits in their career?

Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees

Given the fact that most MLB hitters will fail to get a hit about 75% of the time at the plate, hitting the 3,000 career hit marker is something that sounds impossible. It’s now, however, as some of the greatest hitters that have every played the game hit the plateau in their careers. But, how many hitters have hit this milestone? Let’s take a look.

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MLB Hitters With 3,000+ Career Hits

In total, 33 hitters in Major League history have accumulated at least 3,000 hits in their career. Here’s a look at the full list:

Traditionally, players who hit the 3,000 hit plateau have been locks for the Baseball Hall of Fame, However, the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Rafael Palmeiro are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame due to their attachment to performance-enhancing drugs. Nor is Pete Rose, the all-time hits leader. Rose, who recorded 4,256 career hits, was banned from baseball due to the Reds legend’s betting on baseball games while he was manager of Cincinnati.

As of 2023, just one player — Miguel Cabrera — on this list is an active player. Cabrera is far ahead from Robinson Cano, who’s second among active players with 2,639 career hits. However, Cano entered the 2023 as a free agent. Among players on MLB rosters, Joey Votto is the second-highest player on the hit list with 2,093 (as of 5/29/2023).

Note: Only regular season stats are included on this list.

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