How many World Series championships have the Chicago White Sox won?

Chicago has two professional MLB teams: the Cubs and the White Sox. Both have loyal fan bases, but both have also endured lengthy World Series droughts over the course of the league’s history. But how many World Series titles have gone to the team that calls the South Side home? Here’s how many World Series championships the White Sox have won in the franchise’s history.

Chicago White Sox World Series history

The Chicago White Sox franchise has won three World Series titles: in 1906, 1917, and 2005.

In 1906, the White Sox would win their first World Series title. That group, led by shortstop George Davis and pitchers Frank Owen and Nick Altrock, would defeat the Cubs in six games.

11 years later, the White Sox would win its second World Series title. The 1917 White Sox, led by star pitcher Eddie Cicotte, Eddie Collins, and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson would win 100 games in the regular season. In the World Series, Chicago would feat the New York Giants in six games.

Many of the names found on the 1917 World Series team were on the 1919 White Sox, the squad better known as the “Black Sox.’ That team lost the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds that season, but are most well-known for the betting scandal that engulfed the team and led to the ban of several of Cicotte and Jackson, as well as six others.

Between 1920 and 2005, the White Sox would make the World Series just once. That came in 1959, a year that took the Sox lose in six games to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In 2005, the White Sox would end the franchise’s 80+ year drought. Chicago, led by Paul Konerko, Mark Buehrle, Jon Garland, and Jermaine Dye, would beat the Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to advance back to the World Series. The Sox would be pitted against the Astros, and Chicago would sweep Houston in four games to clinch the franchise’s third world title.

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