How to complete the “That’s tough” and “Double Trouble” Lefty Loosey Mystery Missions in MLB The Show 23

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Mini Seasons in MLB The Show 23 has received a facelift, as there are now multiple versions of the single-player mode in Diamond Dynasty this year. The first Season-specific Mini Seasons is entitled Lefty Loosey, which involves the usage of left-handed hitters and pitchers as set by the requirements. And, there are two Mystery Missions for this season. So, how can you complete the “That’s tough” and “Double Trouble” Mystery Missions in MLB The Show 23? Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

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That’s Tough and Double Trouble

Usually, MLB The Show 23 Mystery Missions are all about rewarding players for doing something well. That’s not the case with these Missions.

Let’s start off with the “That’s tough” Mission. Simply put, all that is needed for this one is to lose five games on Rookie difficulty in a single season run in the Lefty Loosey Mini Seasons. This is rather simple — the easiest way to complete this Mini Season mission is to quit out after starting up a game in Mini Seasons. It saves time, and assures a loss.

The second one is “Double Trouble.” This involves hitting into a double play three times in a single game. Since Mini Seasons games are three-inning affairs, it means you’ll need to hit into a double play in every inning — unless it goes into extras. Because the PCI has been adjusted for The Show 23 due to the changes made to Vision, this challenge actually shouldn’t be too difficult. But if it is, try bumping up the difficulty by one to make it harder to square up the baseball.

Both missions yield an MLB The Show 23 pack as a reward. The “That’s tough” and “Double Trouble” Mystery Missions will expire on July 7 at 12 PM PT.

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