MLB The Show 23: Five tips to improve a Ballplayer in Road to the Show

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MLB The Show 23 includes a career mode entitled Road to the Show, in which baseball fans can create a custom ballplayer and move up the ranks to become a Major League Baseball superstar. If you’re new to Road to the Show and are looking for some help on how to improve your Ballplayer’s stats, we can help with that. Here are five tips that you should know for the Road.

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Start producing

Seriously, the best way to progress in Road to the Show is by simply playing well. Each time a player plays well and performs on the field — whether it be a dotted fastball that results in a strikeout, or a pieced up baseball that splits the gap — that will result in an attribute boost. For example, a double to deep center field can help lead to a Power jump, while a take on a ball out of the zone will yield a Vision boost.

If you’re struggling through this, try moving the difficulty down a notch. It might take away a bit of the challenge, but it will make it easier to perform well out on the field.

Get through the programs

Much like in Diamond Dynasty, there are Programs in Road to the Show. Each Skill Set — and by Skill Set, we mean pitching or hitting focus — has a tier path, starting with Bronze tier. From there, you’ll need to work all the way up to Diamond tier. Now, this matters because as one moves up in tiers for the Skill Set, the attribute boosts get larger and larger. For example, a Gold Sparkling Slugger will have improved stats than a Silver or Bronze of the same archetype.

So, how can you get through the Programs. Each Skill Set tier has Missions. These Missions range from accruing plate appearances, hits, or strikeouts for pitchers. Additionally, players can obtain Program Stars in certain in-game missions that pop up periodically.

Make sure to work on Perks

Perks are complements to Skill Sets. Essentially, these are special items that can be equipped to a Ballplayer and provide a targeted attribute boost. These can range from Contact and Power boosts, to Fielding attribute increases.

Perks can be obtained by grinding through the Programs in Road to the Show, or on the Diamond Dynasty Marketplace.

Don’t neglect practice

At the beginning of your time in Road to the Show, coaches will remind you about training sessions. Each week, a new Training Session will pop up. You will be tasked to do one, and it will provide an attribute increase that will depend on the exercise.

Keep in mind that many of these are mini-games — meaning you’ll need to actually play a little side activity and do well to get the boost. This can be simulated, but it will only provide the minimum boost in that instance.

Equip items

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of Equipment items in MLB The Show 23. Items like bats and cleats may seem nothing more than cosmetic, but each actually provides a stat increase that can prove to be quite important.

Keep in mind that Diamond items are the best, in terms of ratings increases. Diamond is followed by Gold, Silver, and Bronze in descending order.

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