MLB The Show 23: How to complete the The Life Conquest and all hidden rewards

Carlos Correa in MLB The Show 23

On August 25, a new special Conquest was added into MLB The Show 23‘s Diamond Dynasty called “The Life.” Individuals can grind for both XP and PXP in this Conquest, as well as obtain some hidden and not-so-hidden rewards. Here’s a look at the map, goals, and hidden rewards.

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The Conquest

Here’s a look at the map.

MLB The Show 23 The Life Conquest map

MLB The Show 23 players will need to take over six Strongholds in the The Life Conquest, five of which belong to other teams. The teams in this Conquest are the Orioles, White Sox, Diamondbacks, Mariners, and Rockies in clockwise order.

Here are the six goals for this Conquest:

  • Goal 1: Capture the Rockies Stronghold on the first turn (reward is Diamond Duos three pack bundle)
  • Goal 2: Acquire 25M fans (reward is Studio Pet 16 Icon)
  • Goal 3: Capture 75 Territories (reward is Coach Emoji Banner)
  • Goal 4: Acquire 99M fans (reward is Stadium Sound)
  • Goal 5: Capture all five enemy Strongholds (rewards are Ballin’ is a Habit five pack bundle, 500 Stubs, and 600 XP)
  • Goal 6: Conquer all Territories on the map (rewards are Diamond Duos Choice Pack 29, 500 Stubs, and 1,500 XP)

Much like many of the Conquests in MLB The Show 23, this one does not feature any Steal requirements. However, the only notable requirement is to take over the Rockies Stronghold on the first turn.

Do that before anything else.

The Hidden Rewards

Here’s a look at all the hidden rewards that can be found within the The Life map:

  • MLB The Show 23 pack (x10)
  • Random Diamond Duos Pack (x1)
  • Diamond Duos Pack 33 (x1)
  • Diamond Duos 3 Pack Bundle (x1)

Remember, make sure to use cards that will help you towards goals related to Team Affinity 2 & 3 and other programs. This includes the Team Affinity Henchman and Captains. On top of those cards, you should also make use of Topps Now cards to make progress in the July and August Topps Now Programs.