MLB The Show 23: How to Get All Set 3 Collection Rewards in Diamond Dynasty

Ronald Acuna Jr. in MLB The Show 23

Set 3 of Diamond Dynasty dropped in MLB The Show 23 on July 7. With it came a lot of new cards and new collection rewards. So, what cards can be obtained and what are the requirements? Let’s take a look.

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Set 3 Collection Rewards in MLB The Show 23

The Set 3 Collection in MLB The Show 23 works much like the ones we saw for Set 1 and Set 2. Simply put, you’ll need to collect a plethora of Legends and Flashbacks that fall under the Set 3 banner.

At 50 cards, players can obtain a 99 OVR All-Star card of Alexis Diaz.

At 90 cards collected, Hilton Smith is the reward.

He can also be used as a hitter.

120 cards will yield the iconic Jackie Robinson.

And at 190 cards, MLB The Show 23 players can unlock 99 OVR Austin Riley.

Then, there are the Set 3 Collection Choice Packs. Only one can be chosen from the Choice Pack, but players can unlock three of them. One will be unlocked for those who have collected 150, 230, and 300 Set 3 cards. Here are the options from the Set 3 Collection Choice Pack:

Adley Rutscman

Ronald Acuna Jr.

Martin Dihigo

So, how can you get Set 3 cards in Diamond Dynasty? Start with Team Affinity 3, which will unlock 30 Team Affinity 3 bosses upon full completion, as well as a slew of Captains, Legends, and Flashbacks. Additionally, Other Programs like Topps Now, the June Monthly Awards, and even the Season 3 XP path are all options.

By the way, make sure to click A/X and then ‘Advance’ to lock in cards for collections. Be mindful, however, that locked in cards that were tradeable can no longer be sold.

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