MLB The Show 23: How to Get All Set 2 Collection Rewards in Diamond Dynasty

Randy Johnson of the Arizona Diamondbacks

On May 12, Set 2 officially arrived in MLB The Show 23 and Diamond Dynasty. With it came a new set of collection rewards, which includes four Baseball Hall of Famers and one of the greatest New York Mets of all-time. So, how can you get all of the Set 2 rewards? Let’s take a look.

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Set 2 Collection Rewards in MLB The Show 23

The Set 2 Collection in MLB The Show 23 works much like the one we saw for Set 1. Simply put, you’ll need to collect a plethora of Legends and Flashbacks that fall under the Set 2 banner.

There are five players that can be obtained via the Set 2 Collection rewards. At 95 cards, a 99 OVR Kaiju Series card of Rich “Goose” Gossage can be unlocked:

At 130 cards, you can get “Big Papi” David Ortiz:

From that point, Diamond Dynasty players will then be able to grind towards the Set 2 Collection Choice Pack. This pack includes three players: Hank Aaron, Randy Johnson, and David Wright.

Hank Aaron

Randy Johnson

David Wright

Only one can be chosen from the Choice Pack, but players can unlock three of them. These packs can be unlocked when obtaining 160, 230, and 300 Set 2 cards.

So, how can you get Set 2 cards in Diamond Dynasty? Team Affinity is a good place to start, as that includes 30 Future Star, Captain, and Incognito Series cards — 90 in total. From there, grind in the Season 2 XP path, and don’t forget about the Other Programs. San Diego Studio dropped the Kaiju Series Program and the May Topps Now Program on May 12, and all cards in those are a part of Set 2.

Plus, don’t forget about the card rewards than can or will be able to be claimed through Events, Ranked Seasons, and Battle Royale.

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