MLB The Show 23: How to get traded in Road to the Show


Looking for a new home?

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Upon starting up Road to the Show in MLB The Show, players do have the option to choose which team one wants to begin their MLB journey with. But if you’re one of those people who choose to be drafted by a random team and looking for a change in scenery, there’s a way out. Here’s what you should do if you’re looking to be traded in Road to the Show.

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Road to the Show trades in MLB The Show 23

Getting traded in Road to the Show is not an exact science. However, the best way to initiate a trade is via a dialog with your agent, John Kent. Kent will periodically check in with you during your journey to MLB stardom and ask how things are going with the team you’re on.

When Kent checks in, you’ll get two choices to respond. One will be ‘No complaints,’ a rather straight-forward answer that will indicate you’re fine with your team. However, you could choose to respond ‘Could be better, I guess,’ in order to hint at a trade.

From there, state that you didn’t envision yourself with the organization you’re currently in. That will begin the process of Kent looking for a trade partner.

We should note that these dialogs will pop up at random, so there’s no way to ask for a deal at any specific period of time. On top of that, there’s no guarantee that a deal will come to fruition upon asking to be moved to a new location. However, a trade will usually pop up and you’ll find a new home.

We should also point out that there are instances in which your Road to the Show player could be traded, without a prompt. In most cases, this is due to a player on the Major League roster that is blocking your path to the bigs.

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