What Each 2023 MLB Draft First-Round Pick Did in the Pros This Year

2023 MLB first-round picks

Now that the 2023 MLB and Minor League regular seasons have concluded, let’s take a minute to do some analysis. The 2023 MLB Draft took place this past July, and most of the top players selected in it got their feet wet in the pro scene this past summer. Not to mention, some began to knock on the door of the Majors. Let’s take a look at how each first-round pick has done thus far.

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Player Stats from First-Round Picks

Here’s a look at what each first-round pick from the 2023 MLB Draft did this year:

PickTeamNameCumulative ResultsHighest Level
1Pirates logoPaul Skenes5.40 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, 10 K in 6.2 IPAA
2Nationals logoDylan Crews.299/.377/.467, 5 HR, 14 XBH, 4 SB in 35 G (159 PA)AA
3Tigers logoMax Clark.224/.383/.376, 2 HR, 8 XBH, 5 SB in 23 G (107 PA)A
4Rangers logoWyatt Langford.360/.480/.677, 10 HR, 29 XBH, 12 SB in 44 G (200 PA)AAA
5Twins logoWalker Jenkins.362/.417/.571, 3 HR, 12 XBH, 6 SB in 26 G (115 PA)A
6Athletics logoJacob Wilson.333/.391/.475, 1 HR, 12 XBH, 4 SB in 26 G (111 PA)A+
7Reds logoRhett LowderDid not play.N/A
8Royals logoBlake Mitchell.147/.423/.176, 0 HR, 1 XBH in 13 G (52 PA)ROK
9Rockies logoChase DollanderDid not play. N/A
10Marlins logoNoble Meyer4.09 ERA, 1.64 WHIP, 15 K in 11 IPA
11Angels logoNolan Schanuel.365/.505/.486, 1 HR, 6 XBH, 2 SB in 22 G (97 PA) (Minors)

.275/.402/.330, 1 HR, 4 XBH in 29 G (132 PA) (MLB)
12Diamondbacks logoTommy Troy.271/.374/.469, 4 HR, 10 XBH, 9 SB in 27 G (115 PA)A+
13Cubs logoMatt Shaw.357/.400/.618, 8 HR, 21 XBH, 15 SB in 38 G (170 PA)AA
14Red Sox logoKyle Teel.363/.482/.495, 2 HR, 8 XBH, 3 SB in 26 G (114 PA)AA
15White Sox logoJacob Gonzalez.211/.333/.260, 1 HR, 4 XBH, 1 SB in 34 G (153 PA)A
16Giants logoBryce Eldridge.294/.400/505, 6 HR, 11 XBH, 1 SB in 31 G (130 PA)A
17Orioles logoEnrique Bradfield Jr. .291/.473/.329, 0 HR, 3 XBH, 25 SB in 25 G (110 PA)A+
18Brewers logoBrock Wilken.285/.414/.473, 5 HR, 17 XBH in 47 G (203 PA)AA
19Rays logoBrayden Taylor.242/.361/.516, 5 HR, 12 XBH, 11 SB in 25 G (108 PA)A
20Blue Jays logoArjun Nimmala.200/.500/.320, 0 HR, 2 XBH, 1 SB in 9 G (40 PA)ROK
21Cardinals logoChase Davis.212/.366/.269, 0 HR, 6 XBH, 3 SB in 34 G (131 PA)A
22Mariners logoColt Emerson.374/.496/.549, 2 HR, 12 XBH, 8 SB in 24 G (114 PA)A
23Guardians logoRalphy Velazquez.348/.393/.739, 2 HR, 5 XBH, 1 SB in 6 G (28 PA)ROK
24Braves logoHurston Waldrep1.53 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 41 K in 29. 1 IPAAA
25PadresDillon Head.267/.363/.400, 1 HR, 9 XBH, 4 SB in 27 G (124 PA)A
26Yankees logoGeorge Lombard Jr. .311/.466/.356, 0 HR, 2 XBH, 4 SB in 13 G (58 PA)A
27Phillies logoAidan Miller.303/.425/.379, 0 HR, 4 XBH, 4 SB in 20 G (80 PA)A
28Astros logoBrice Matthews.208/.365/.352, 4 HR, 10 XBH, 18 SB in 35 G (156 PA)A
29Mariners logoJonny FarmeloDid not play.N/A
30Mariners logoTai Peete.283/.349/.404, 2 HR, 7 XBH, 6 SB in 24 G (109 PA)A
31Rays logoAdrian Santana.205/.340/.256, 0 HR, 2 XBH, 3 SB in 10 G (47 PA)ROK
32Mets logoColin Houck.241/.389/.310, 0 HR, 1 XBH, 0 SB in 9 G (36 PA)ROK
33Brewers logoJosh KnothDid not play.N/A
34Twins logoCharlee SotoDid not play.N/A
35Marlins logoThomas White6.23 ERA, 2.08 WHIP, 7 K in 4.1 IPA
36Dodgers logoKendall George.370/.458/.420, 0 HR, 5 XBH, 17 SB in 28 G (121 PA)A
37Tigers logoKevin McGonigle.315/.452/.411, 1 HR, 5 XBH, 8 SB in 21 G (93 PA)A
38Reds logoTy FloydDid not play.N/A
39Myles Naylor.214/.288/.381, 6 HR, 9 XBH, 2 SB in 34 G (139 PA)A

This list includes all first-round picks and Competitive Balance A (CB-A) selections. All stats are from Minor League games unless otherwise noted.

What to Make of Class So Far

Heading into the MLB Draft, the thought was that this year’s pool of talent — particularly at the top — would be deeper than what we’ve seen in years past. Much of that had to do with two top-tier high school outfielders, Walker Jenkins and Max Clark, as well as a slew of college players who didn’t have the chance to go pro due to COVID.

Thus far, the top of the 2023 MLB Draft class has performed well. The top two picks, Paul Skenes and Dylan Crews, both reach Double-A and are poised to debut at some point next year.

Wyatt Langford home run

Former University of Florida star Wyatt Langford, meanwhile, blasted ten home runs and made it all the way to Triple-A. It’s a scary thought that the Rangers could add yet another talented bat to their lineup — and a homegrown one, at that — as early as 2024.

Outside of the top five, a slew of others impressed.

The one name that arguably stands out the most was Nolan Schanuel, who cracked the Angels’ MLB roster after a handful of games in the Minors. His hit tool stood out while in college, and Schanuel held his own in the Majors over the final few weeks.

Matt Shaw home run

Cubs middle infielder Matt Shaw showcased effortless power when he hit .357 with eight home runs and 15 stolen bases this season and could push his way to Chicago some time next year. Shaw did see some time at third this year, not much of a shock given that the Cubs have Nico Hoerner and Dansby Swanson.

Kyle Teel and Brock Wilken, two ACC stars, both made it up to Double-A this year as well.

Don’t be surprised if several other 2023 MLB Draft first-round picks join Schanuel next year.