When and where will the 2026 MLB All-Star Game be held?

Citizens Bank Park

The 2026 MLB All-Star Game will mark the 96th time the National League and American League stars share the same field for one game. Not to mention, the date will come during a major milestone in the history of the United States. Given that accomplishment, it’s not hard to figure out where MLB will hold the contest that season.

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The 2026 MLB All-Star Game

Believe it or not, Major League Baseball confirmed that location of the 2026 MLB All-Star Game almost seven full years before the start of the 2026 regular season.

In April 2019, MLB confirmed that the 2026 All-Star Game will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The game will coincide with the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence’s signing.

This will mark the fifth time in franchise history, and the first since Citizens Bank Park opened in 2004, that the Phillies will host the All-Star Game.

The last occasion came in 1996, a game that saw the National League win 6-0 and Mike Piazza take home the All-Star MVP. Former Phillies reliever Ricky Bottalico represented the team from Philadelphia in the event.

Now, we don’t know the specific dates that the game and All-Star weekend will be held, although it’s highly likely that MLB will retain precedent and hold it in the middle of July. However, we do have a location, as Philadelphia will take the stage two years after the Texas Rangers host the annual event.

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