Which MLB players received qualifying offers in 2023?

Aaron Nola of the Philadelphia Phillies

Now that free agency is set to begin, it’s time to take a look at which players have qualifying offers attached to them this winter. This is important, as any player that has one and leaves their 2023 team to sign with another will allow their former squad to recoup an MLB Draft pick in 2024. Here’s a list of all the MLB players that received qualifying offers during the 2023-24 offseason.

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List of Qualified players

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There were seven MLB players who received qualifying offers from their 2023 team, half of the total from 2022. Here’s a look at those seven names.

NameTeamPositionAccepted or Declined
Shohei OhtaniAngelsDH/SPDeclined
Aaron NolaPhilliesSPDeclined
Blake SnellPadresSPDeclined
Cody BellingerCubs1B/OFDeclined
Josh HaderPadresRPDeclined
Matt ChapmanBlue Jays3BDeclined
Sonny GrayTwinsSPDeclined

All seven players reportedly declined the qualifying offer.

Notable names not on this list include Teoscar Hernandez and Rhys Hoskins. Players traded midseason are not eligible for an offer, nor are players who previously received one.

Should any of these players choose not to take their qualifying offer and sign with another team, the team that loses said player is eligible to receive a compensation pick.

However, that pick could vary depending on whether a team was a competitive balance tax (CBT) payor or revenue-sharing recipient in 2023.

A team that loses a player and is over the CBT threshold will receive a pick after the fourth round per MLB. A revenue-sharing recipient that loses a player and that individual signs for at least $50 million will receive a pick in between the first and the Competitive Balance Round A. Less than $50 million, and it comes after Competitive Balance Round B.

Players that leave teams that fit neither of these categories receive a pick after Competitive Balance Round B.

What was the qualifying offer in 2023?

The qualifying offer for MLB players who received one in 2023 was $20.325 million.