Is Masataka Yoshida in MLB The Show 23?

One of the newest stars for the Boston Red Sox in 2023 is Japanese slugger Masataka Yoshida. Boston signed Yoshida to a multi-year deal this past winter, but MLB The Show 23 players may be hard-pressed to find the new outfielder in the game right off the bat. Here’s why that is the case.

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Yoshida and MLB The Show 23

The technical answer is that Yoshida is in MLB The Show 23. New Red Sox outfielder Masataka Yoshida did have a World Baseball Classic card in Diamond Dynasty, thanks to his participation in the World Baseball Classic. San Diego Studio (SDS) did receive the rights to many non-MLB players that played in the event, like Munetaka Murakami and Roki Sasaki, but only for Diamond Dynasty.

As far as other game modes, Yoshida was not present in the Red Sox roster at launch. Thus, Yoshida could not be used in Franchise and March to October modes, as well as be seen in Road to the Show. This is due to the fact that SDS can’t officially add him into the game until he plays a game in North America with the Red Sox organization.

Once Yoshida does get into game action with the Red Sox, he is eligible to be added into the game as early as the first roster update after the season begins. However, we don’t have an exact date for when he will be added. All we know is why he wasn’t in the game at launch.

UPDATE (4/7): Yoshida, alongside fellow Japanese sensation Kodai Senga, were added into MLB The Show 23 in early April as part of a post-launch roster update.

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