Who are the Season 2 bosses in MLB The Show 23?

The first season change in MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty is upon us, as Season 2 will go live on platforms beginning on May 12. The new season will come with a fresh slate of Team Affinity paths, new series of cards, and five new bosses that can be obtained. But, which players will have the honor of being bosses in Season 2 of MLB The Show 23? Let’s take a look.

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Season 2 Bosses in Diamond Dynasty

On May 11, San Diego Studio officially unveiled the bosses for Season 2 of Diamond Dynasty. Much like with Season 1, there will be five bosses for this season.

Here’s a look at the five bosses for Season 2:

  • Josh Donaldson
  • Greg Maddux
  • Mariano Rivera
  • Grady Sizemore
  • Chase Utley

All five of these cards are 99 OVR and will be a part of Set 2 in Diamond Dynasty. This means that these cards will be eligible to be used until the end of Season 3.

We do know that each of these five cards will be made through Choice Packs that will be available to be obtained throughout the reward path. We don’t, however, know how many of these packs can be acquired via the reward path. If precedent is any indication, however, expect three Choice Packs to be made available.

Season 2 of Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 23 is set to begin on May 12. These cards will be made available alongside the launch of Team Affinity 2, which will include new Captain cards and 30 new Incognito Series items.

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