How to get MLB.TV for free with T-Mobile in 2023

Major League Baseball (MLB) and T-Mobile continue a lengthy relationship in 2023, and some baseball fans will have the chance to reap the rewards. Once again, T-Mobile is offering a free year of MLB.TV, but there are some catches. Here’s what you need to know about receiving MLB.TV for free in 2023.

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MLB.TV and T-Mobile

Before anything else, we need to mention that only T-Mobile subscribers will have access to this promotion. This holds in line with the provider has done in the past, in collaboration with Major League Baseball.

The free MLB.TV promo for T-Mobile will be held for a limited time, starting in late March. Beginning on March 28 at 5 AM ET, T-Mobile subscribers can claim a free yearly subscription to MLB.TV. This will not be done automatically, as those who want to redeem will have to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Then, go through the prompts to acquire the subscription.

This offer will expire on April 4 at 4:59 AM ET.

Again, those who will redeem will receive the full MLB.TV package, which gives fans a chance to watch all out-of-market games with some exceptions. MLB.TV is valued at $150 for a full-year subscription, so doing this will save a hefty penny. If you don’t, however, have T-Mobile, there are a number of ways in order for baseball fans to save on a subscription.

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