MLB The Show 23 Team Affinity 5 Path – All rewards, how to get TA Points, more

Cody Bellinger in MLB The Show 23

The Finest have arrived in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty. The MLB The Show 23 Team Affinity 5 reward path will five Diamond Dynasty players the opportunity to get 30 new 2023 Finest cards, plus a slew of Captain and Retro Finest items. So, how can you get all these rewards, plus the Team Affinity collection rewards? Let’s take a look.

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Team Affinity 5 Rewards in MLB The Show 23

There are six Team Affinity paths in MLB The Show 23 Team Affinity 5, one for each of the six divisions in MLB. All six paths roughly follow this straight-forward pattern:

TA RequirementReward
5,000MLB The Show 23 pack
7,50095 OVR Set 5 Captain Pack
10,000Unlockables Choice Pack
15,000MLB The Show 23 pack
20,00095 OVR Set 5 Captain Pack
25,000MLB The Show 23 pack
30,000Retro Finest Henchmen Choice Pack
35,000Unlockables Choice Pack and 500 Stubs
40,00095 OVR Set 5 Captain Pack
45,000Unlockables Choice Pack and 500 Stubs
50,000Retro Finest Henchmen Choice Pack
55,000MLB The Show 23 pack (x2)
60,00099 OVR 2023 Finest Series Choice Pack and 4,000 XP
65,000Unlockables Choice Pack and 500 Stubs
70,000Retro Finest Henchmen Choice Pack
75,00095 OVR Set 5 Captain Pack
80,00099 OVR 2023 Finest Series Choice Pack and 4,000 XP
85,000Unlockables Choice Pack and 500 Stubs
90,00095 OVR Set 5 Captain Pack
95,000Ballin’ is a Habit pack
100,000Retro Finest Henchmen Choice Pack
105,000Ballin’ is a Habit pack
110,00099 OVR 2023 Finest Series Choice Pack and 4,000 XP
115,000Retro Finest Henchmen Pack
120,0002,000 Stubs
125,000MLB The Show 23 pack (x2)
130,00099 OVR 2023 Finest Series Choice Pack and 4,000 XP
135,000Ballin’ is a Habit pack
140,0002,000 Stubs
145,000MLB The Show 23 pack (x5)
150,00099 OVR 2023 Finest Series Choice Pack and 4,000 XP

All cards obtained from the Choice packs are a part of Set 5.

Team Affinity 5 Collection Rewards

For Team Affinity 5, players can complete a special Collection that will yield special player items. This is quite similar to the reward structure that SDS followed for Team Affinity 3 and Team Affinity 4.

MLB The Show players must collect all the Team Affinity 5 bosses, as well as the TA5 Captains and Retro Finest Henchmen, to get all the rewards.

Here’s a look at all the cards that can be obtained via the Collection:

  • 20 Cards: 99 OVR Finest Pete Alonso
  • 40 Cards 99 OVR Finest Emmanuel Clase
  • 60 Cards: 99 OVR Finest Bryan Reynolds
  • 75 Cards: 99 OVR Finest Gleyber Torres
  • 90 Cards: 99 OVR Finest Cody Bellinger

And, here’s a closer look at all the 99 OVR cards:

Pete Alonso

Emmanuel Clase

Bryan Reynolds

Gleyber Torres

Cody Bellinger

How to Make Progress in Team Affinity 5

MLB The Show 23 players will need Team Affinity (TA) Points in order to make progress in each of the six paths. There are a number of ways to get TA Points, which include:

  • Division-specific Moments
  • Team Build PXP Missions (REPEATABLE)
  • Captain Stat Missions (with cards from TA5)
  • Retro Finest Henchmen PXP Missions (with cards from TA5)
  • TA5 Boss PXP Missions (with cards from TA5) (REPEATABLE)
  • Mini Seasons and Online Innings Voucher Exchange
  • Exchanges of cards from specific division
  • AL and NL Showdowns
  • AL and NL Conquests
  • March to October

We should note that for Team Affinity 5, there are no division-separated Conquests and Showdowns. There are only two TA5 Conquests and Showdowns, one for the AL and the other for the NL divisions.

Complete the AL one, and progress towards the AL East, Central, and West divisions will be awarded. The same goes for the NL divisions.

If you’re short on Stubs, we don’t recommend doing the player Exchanges. Rather, it would be a better idea to sell any excess Live Series cards and instead grind through the various Moments and Missions.

We do want to give you one quick tip on how to make the most out of your time. Make sure to use the Retro Finest Henchmen and Captains in single-player action (i.e. Conquest & Mini Seasons), as that can take care of two problems.

Team Affinity 5 in MLB The Show 23, much like Team Affinity 1-4, will not expire.