MLB The Show 23: What are Supercharged players in Diamond Dynasty?

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MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty is a deep game mode, and Supercharged players add to it. For the second straight year, Supercharged players will pop up throughout the lifecycle and give Diamond Dynasty players more options for building out that squad. But, what are Supercharged cards? Let’s take a closer look at this concept, and how it will impact you in MLB The Show 23.

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Supercharged Players in MLB The Show 23

Supercharged players were introduced in MLB The Show 22. The purpose of Supercharged is to boost the Live Series card of a player who has a strong and memorable performance in the real Major League Baseball. Examples can include a four-hit night, seven no-hit innings, or a walk-off home run. Additionally, historical milestones can also result in a Supercharge. However, the criteria can vary, depending on the developers.

These boosts are temporary and only last for a few days. But, these boosts can be quite helpful for team diversity. After all, Supercharged cards will be part of the Core series.

If you want to take a look at which players are Supercharged at the moment, one can either go into the MLB The Show 23 Companion app, or at the home screen in Diamond Dynasty. Click on ‘Player Updates’ and then selected the ‘Supercharged Players’ option.

There are a few other notes that you should be aware of, pertaining to Supercharged players. For one, Supercharged players are usually boosted to make the Live Series comparable to the best players in the game. In MLB The Show 22, Supercharged players started out in the low 90s, but saw more significant boosts as the year went along. Since more high 90s and 99 OVR cards are now out at the beginning of the lifecycle, expect Supercharged players in The Show 23 to be 99 OVR.

Second, Supercharges will usually come at more pivotal points in the regular season and in the playoffs. Last year during the 2022 MLB Playoffs, Supercharged players were released more often during the postseason.

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