MLB The Show 23: What are Weekly Wonders in Diamond Dynasty?

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A new concept that has been added to MLB The Show 23 and Diamond Dynasty is Weekly Wonders. Weekly Wonders is another way that Diamond Dynasty players can gain XP towards the active season, but how exactly does it work? Let’s explain how Weekly Wonders work in more detail.

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Weekly Wonders in MLB The Show 23

Weekly Wonders are limited-time Other programs that will pop up in Diamond Dynasty every week, and will last exactly one week. Per the MLB The Show 23 development team, these programs will go live every Wednesday at 12 PM PT.

These programs will work similarly to other programs in MLB The Show 23. Players will have to complete a series of Moments, collections, etc. in order to accumulate Star Points and progress towards the program. Along the way, you will be able to obtain packs and Stubs, among other awards.

At the end of the Weekly Wonder Program path is an XP boost that can be applied towards the active season. While one can completely ignore these programs, Weekly Wonders are a good way to get some cheap XP — which could come in handy if you’re running down the wire and need to finish the Season path in a short amount of time.

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